Second-to-last League of Legends Prime Gaming skin shard of 2021 now available

Riot's partnership with Prime Gaming is drawing to a close.

Image via Riot Games

The second-to-last Prime Gaming reward for League of Legends in 2021 is available now to all players who have linked their League account with their Amazon Prime account. 

Over the span of the last year, Amazon and Riot partnered to deliver 27 individual skin shards to League players who link their Riot and Amazon Prime accounts. Today’s piece of in-game loot marks the penultimate skin shard that players will be able to receive through the promotion. The final skin shard available through Prime will be able to be claimed on Oct. 4. 

To receive today’s skin shard, you first must link your Prime Gaming account to your League account. If you don’t own an account with Prime Gaming, you can create one through the Amazon Gaming website

Once you’ve linked your League and Prime accounts, navigate to the League of Legends section on the Prime Gaming homepage. Once there, click the button that reads “Claim” to earn today’s skin shard. After you’ve claimed your shard, you can unbox it in the Hextech Crafting menu in the League client. 

The skin shard that you receive is guaranteed to be a skin for a champion you already own. You won’t be able to get a skin shard for a champion that you don’t already have in your inventory. So if you’ve been looking for a chance to snag a skin for a prospective champion that you’ve had your eyes on, you might want to buy the champion before claiming your skin shard on the Prime Gaming site. 

If you’re dissatisfied with the skin shard you receive, there’s always the option to re-roll it with two other shards into a random permanent skin that will be instantly added to your collection. 

This skin shard, as well as next week’s final skin shard in the promotion, will be available until Oct. 28, when the partnership between Riot and Prime Gaming will come to a close. It’s unclear at this time whether Riot and Amazon have any intentions of renewing their partnership. 

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