Scuttle Crab becomes a new, overpowered champion in parody spotlight video

Bid farewell to the defenseless crab and say hello to the strongest champ in League.

Rift Scuttler changes
Image via Riot Games

There’s no need to introduce the Scuttle Crab from League of Legends. The neutral monster is a valuable resource for every jungler in the game, providing vision, gold, and extra movement speed in the river.

But now, in Layvee’s parody champion spotlight video, the Scuttle Crab has become Scott, possibly the most overpowered champion.

The content creator turned the Scuttle Crab into a League champ, giving him a unique set of abilities. They transformed the neutral monster from a harmless creature into a powerful ally on Summoner’s Rift.

Scott’s passive is called River Guardian and it’s a skill that many of the game’s junglers would like to have. It gifts Scott with additional movement speed once he enters the river. Moreover, the champion gains a temporary shield upon eating any Honeyfruit.

While this passive can be beneficial, Scott’s true power lies in his active abilities. His Q is called Scuttle Rush, and as the name suggests, the champ dashes forward when activated, dealing physical damage and knocking up the first enemy hit. But that’s not all. When an opponent enters the river, they’re marked with “intruder” for as long as they stay in the river. Hitting a marked enemy with Scuttle Rush resets the cooldown of the ability, which allows it to be used repeatedly.

Moving on, Scott’s W skill is called Dive. It causes the champion to go underground, making him completely invisible to enemies. After three seconds, he resurfaces, knocking up any opponents that are above him. The river is Scott’s home, though, and similar to his other abilities, Dive is also stronger there. While in the river, Scott’s W becomes known as Deep Dive and the champion can stay underground in the river for as long as he desires.

If you’re a fan of dashes, you’re surely going to enjoy Scott’s E ability, Bolt. It allows the champion to dash forward and fires missiles from his antennas at nearby enemies. The ability has two charges that recover once Scott kills a minion or when he hits an opponent with Scuttle Rush. Scott also regains two E charges while last hitting a large monster.

Now, we know that Scott may sound overpowered already, but wait until you find out about his ultimate, Voidborne. When used, Scott transforms into the Rift Herald, gaining additional health and unlocking new skills. His Q, W, and E are called Voidsend, Voidsend 2, and Voidsend 3, respectively. When used, the champion dashes forward, knocking enemies back. And striking an enemy resets the cooldown on the other Voidsends.

While in Rift Herald form, Scott possesses a new passive as well. This one is called Colossal Strength and it lets the champion one-shot enemy structures and champs around it. When Scott is in ultimate form, you wouldn’t need the Baron buff to gain advantages across the map.

Scott players can choose to return to the original form of the champion by using River Chad, his ultimate, while in Rift Herald form.

While Scott is just an imaginary champion, it’s clear that if he were in League, we wouldn’t see him on the Rift too much because he’d probably be permanently banned.

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