SANDBOX OnFleek smashes T1 with an Olaf pentakill in KeSPA Cup

SANDBOX knocked out T1 from the tournament in the semifinals.

SANDBOX Gaming jungler Kim “OnFleek” Jang-Gyeom offered an oustanding display of skill on the KeSPA Cup semifinals against T1 earlier today by performing a pentakill with Olaf.

This move happened in the last game of the match, which SANDBOX won 3-1. SANDBOX was already crushing T1 when this happened, at the start of the midgame.

T1 attempted an engage against SANDBOX with a Rakan ultimate by Lee “Effort” Sang-Ho, but he missed it due to a perfectly timed stopwatch from Kim “Dove” Jae-Yeon’s Orianna. SANDBOX players shut them down one-by-one and OneFleek scored a pentakill by chasing down both remaining T1 players after getting a triple kill. T1 was aware of OnFleek skills on Olaf, since they banned the champion in two out of the four games of the match.

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T1 struggled to set its playstyle in this semifinal match. The last game was filled with missed opportunities. It kicked off by an invade attempt that almost ended in a bloodbath for T1 even before the minions spawned. Then, they missed a risky dive in the botlane and gave the two first kills of the game to Han “Leo” Gyo-Rae’s Miss Fortune.

OnFleek’s pentakill was the death blow for T1. SANDBOX players took two Baron Nashor, pushed T1’s base and ended the game in 33 minutes.

This win knocked out T1 from the KeSPA Cup, while SANDBOX advanced to the finals that will take place on Jan. 5. They will battle to get the title and bring home the $30,700 prize pool (₩40,000,000).

The English broadcast of the match between SANDBOX and T1 can be watched here. DragonX and Afreeca Freecs will face off in the second semifinal match tomorrow, Jan.4 at 2am CT, on this channel.