Sandbox Gaming parts ways with Hollow and Wizer, signs Fate

Fate joins GorrilA and Route as new recruits, while Wizer and Hollow have become free agents.

Photo via Riot Games

Two days after signing AD carry player Moon “Route” Geom-Su, Sandbox Gaming added mid laner Yoo “FATE” Su-Hyeok today. The organization also announced the departures of top laner Choi “Wizer” Ui-Seok and AD carry Shin “Hollow” Yong-Jin.

This new League of Legends team is a step up for Fate. Last season, he competed in Challengers Korea with Brion Blade, which is the league under the LCK.

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Sandbox, on the other hand, placed fourth in the LCK Summer Split and only missed out on a Worlds spot by two wins after losing to Kingzone DragonX in the second round of the Regional Finals.

Screengrab via Sandbox Gaming

Fate will play alongside well-known support Kang “GorrilA” Beom-Hyun, who was also signed today. He played for Misfits in Europe last season and is now back in South Korea. This roster overhaul affects the staff too, with a new head coach, Jung “FanTasy” Myung-Hoon, being appointed.

Sandbox’s roster is now a mix of well-experienced players and rookies. Hollow and Wizer, on the other hand, have yet to announce their plans for 2020.