Samira has a 75.5 percent ban rate in Platinum and above right now in League

Will Riot's recent nerfs help curb the Desert Rose's power?

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve been looking to play Samira in your League of Legends solo queue games, then you probably haven’t had too much luck. Samira has a 75.5 percent ban rate in ranks Platinum and above right now, according to League statistics site U.GG.

In the Silver and Gold ranks, she does see more playing time on Summoner’s Rift with lower ban rates of 59.7 percent and 69.9 percent, respectively. But these numbers are still high—and for good reason. She’s been one of the stronger AD carry champions since her release on Sept. 21.

Samira’s kit simply gave her too much early-game safety and mobility due to her Blade Whirl and Wild Rush abilities. Paired with a good support, she could jump into the action, deal a good amount of damage, and block incoming attacks with her W.

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Luckily, Riot Games sent out some nerfs to Samira in Patch 10.21 that increased the cooldown on her Wild Rush ability while also decreasing the bonus attack speed the ability granted on cast.

This should make some people play a little bit more conservatively during the early game, giving the opposition a chance to knock her down a peg with some ganks before she’s able to level up her ultimate ability, Inferno Trigger.

But Samira should still remain strong, especially after level six. Her ability to negate all projectiles with Blade Whirl gives her a quick way to escape an engage gone wrong and her ultimate can provide plenty of healing to take down a couple of enemies, while staying alive in the process.

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