Ryze’s ult can teleport Zac’s body during his revive passive, forcing blobs to quickly travel to new location

Those blobs have somewhere to be.

Zac changes
Image via Riot Games

If you’re playing Zac and almost set to revive via your passive, you might want to call on a Ryze to teleport your body out of harm’s way. One League of Legends player showed off a unique way to save Zac earlier today.

Whenever Zac dies on Summoner’s Rift, his passive occasionally separates him into four individual bloblets. If untouched, those blobs can eventually come back together to revive Zac. But those bloblets are completely defenseless and can be killed by enemy attacks.

In the clip, the Zac player died to the enemy team with his passive up. To help him escape, his allied Ryze threw down his Realm Warp right where the jungler died, making his body teleport away.

But the portal closed as the bloblets were in the air, leaving them behind. When the portal dropped Zac’s body off near his own turret, the bloblets slid toward his body’s new position, saving his life.

The teleport even increased the blobs’ movement speed on the ground, causing them to zoom away from any danger. Zac was then able to regroup and rejoin his team after putting himself back together. It was a hilarious interaction to watch from anyone’s perspective.

It might have been better for Ryze to teleport the blobs along with Zac’s body since the blobs could have been damaged by enemies who were still in the vicinity. But it got the job done in the end and that’s all that matters.