Rumored new League champion Seraphine hints at possibly joining the K/DA group

More clues hint at the next champion's appearance on the Rift.

Image via seradotwav

The rumored new musical League of Legends champion is at it again on Twitter, sharing her latest post last night.

Seraphine posted a picture with the lyrics from KDA’s “POP/STARS” song, hinting at her possibly joining the group. The K-pop group recently announced that they’ll be pre-releasing a new single on Thursday, Aug. 27—and Seraphine could be set to make an appearance as well.

Last week, League fans found Seraphine’s Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud, where a couple of sound clips were posted. But she gained a lot more attention when she covered one of League’s most popular songs, KDA’s “POP/STARS.”

Her cover reached more than 450,000 views in the span of two days, using a “#kdaisback” hashtag. League fans got excited about the thought of a new K/DA member, even though Riot hasn’t confirmed any information about Seraphine yet.

Two years ago, K/DA sang “POP/STARS” at Worlds 2018, which became a worldwide hit. Based on the latest teasers, Seraphine could be officially revealed alongside the new single by K/DA.

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