Riot could implement a new League tournament mode that awards RP

Would you participate for the glory or the gold?

Image via Riot Games

A recent opinion poll on upcoming content for League of Legends may have given players something to cheer about.

Redditor splendidG00se shared a League in-game survey that caught his eye. The poll asked players for their thoughts on potential in-game tournaments, held every two weeks, that would reward winning teams with Riot Points, League’s in-game currency.

These tournaments would act similarly to League’s ranked modes, with teams grouped into divisions based on ranks, to match players up against opposition of the same skill level.

The tournaments are planned to be run on weekends, starting on Friday. Teams that win their games on one day would advance to the next day until only one team are left standing.

While the idea sounds great, Riot would need to find a way to discourage players with higher skill levels from using lower-ranked players’ accounts to have an unfair advantage.