RNG reach MSI 2022 finals after crushing Evil Geniuses 3-0

The defending MSI champions have advanced to the final of this year’s international event.

Image via Riot Games

LPL representatives Royal Never Give Up crushed NA’s Evil Geniuses today and are now headed to the final of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. RNG closed the first semifinal of the international competition with a clear 3-0 performance, which clearly shows their desire to take home their second consecutive MSI champions title. 

The first game of the series went as many League of Legends fans predicted, with RNG showing clear domination across all lanes. The LPL champions picked up the first blood in the top lane thanks to an early-game aggressive play from Bin and Wei. The perfectly-timed rotation from the Chinese jungler enabled his teammate to pressure their opponents into a corner by pushing every lane and controlling the vision on the map. By focusing on the early game advantages acquired, especially on the top side of the map, RNG took down all outer turrets within the 15-minutes mark. With the Baron spawned, EG looked for an opportunity to turn the tables of the game, but a disastrous teamfight left them with no other choice than to run for their lives. The accumulated resources and pressure all over the map lead to RNG closing out the game with 22 kills in their favor against just one shutdown obtained by EG’s Jojopyun.

While the first game of the series was one-sided for RNG, that was not the case for the game that followed. EG were much more proactive in the second game of the series, claiming some crucial teamfight victories in the middle stages of the game. From the different team comp to the aggressive ganks in the top lane, EG showed that they could learn from their opponents very quickly and use RNG’s strategies against them. But RNG adapted. Using the information collected by the carefully placed wards, they enabled Xiaohu and Wei’s flanks that led them to win teamfights before they even started. Despite some impressive individual plays from EG, it was RNG who moved to match point with two games in their favor. 

What would then be the last game of the series, was actually the one where EG proved why they deserved to reach this stage of the competition. Despite the early game being dominated by RNG with a surprising double kill in the hands of Ming, it was EG who shone the brightest in the mid-game by gaining control and winning teamfights that were initially against them. But it wasn’t enough, RNG kept hold of the gold and kill lead.

EG, though, once again surprised everyone and in a fight in front of the Baron pit, took down all RNG players, and acquired the team buff. With the Baron’s power on their side, EG pushed all the lanes and set up another teamfight to prevent RNG from obtaining the drake’s soul. But this time RNG were prepared and united, withstanding even Danny’s Miss Fortune’s ultimate thanks to Braum’s shield held by Ming. At this point, the game surpassed 30 minutes, and another teamfight erupted in the mid lane. Inspired and Impact sneaked into the backline and crushed Gala and Xiaohu, thus gaining more time for EG to turn the game in their favor. Once the team reset, RNG moved to push their minion wave to EG’s bot lane inhibitor, but in the meantime, the LCS champions were obtaining the Elder Drake buff, which placed them in an advantageous position compared. And yet it was RNG who came out on top in the last teamfight in the top side of the map while their minion made their way to EG’s Nexus towers, which crumbled down to the ground.

With a convincing 3-0, RNG have made their way to the MSI 2022 finals, and are now waiting for their opponents to be decided. The second semi-finals will take place tomorrow at 5am CT and will see T1 face off against G2.