RNG parts ways with Betty, 705, and New

The organization had a rough 2020 season in the LPL.

Photo via Riot Games

Royal Never Give Up is moving on from top laners He “705” Yu-Long and Tian “New” Zhi-Peng, as well as bottom laner Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung, the organization announced today.

Changes were expected after RNG’s lackluster performance in the 2020 League of Legends season. The organization finished seventh during the Spring Split and ninth in the Summer Split. Betty’s performance dropped during the Summer Split and, as a result, RNG acquired the promising rookie ADC from Dominus Esports, Chen “GALA” Wei.

With GALA on the roster, RNG elevated their gameplay and started winning more. But that wasn’t enough to drastically improve their place in the standings. RNG’s top laners also struggled and failed to fill in the shoes of the team’s former top laner Xie “Langx” Zhen-Ying, who knew how to play around his teammates much better.

Following these departures, RNG announced its roster for the upcoming season. The org has acquired two former eStar Gaming players and Xiaohu is role-swapping from mid to top lane.

While the individual ceiling of the players on this roster is high, it’s unclear how they’ll mesh for the upcoming season. Xiaohu, in particular, is a huge question mark. He’ll have to stand tall against top lane behemoths such as Nuguri, Zoom, Bin, and 369, who have all proven their skills and knowledge both on the domestic and international stages.

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