RNG demolish Rogue Warriors, pick up first win of the 2021 LPL Summer Split

The MSI champions had a rough start of the split.

Photo via Riot Games

Royal Never Give Up picked up their first win of the 2021 LPL Summer Split after a quick 2-0 series over Rogue Warriors.

The MVP votes were picked up by AD carry Gala and jungler Wei. Gala played Varus in the first match and finished the match with a 15/0/6 score after a superb laning phase, where he landed most arrows and secured a huge lead from the get-go. Wei used Xin in the second game for aggressive early game skirmishes, which resulted in taking control of the map with ease. He finished the bloodbath of a match with a score of 9/1/8.

In both games, Rogue Warriors had a decent early game in some lanes on the map, but it wasn’t enough to stop the aggressive playstyle of the opposing bot laners and jungler. Their impact was too much for RW’s middle and top lane to handle, which crumbled once RNG rotated into their lanes. RW finished as the last seed during the 2021 LPL Spring Split with a 1-15 score. based on the current results, 0-5 after three weeks of play, they’re heading in the same direction once again.

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RNG (1-2) has one match remaining for the week against FunPlus Phoenix. Tune in on Saturday, June 26 to see if the MSI finalists can pick up their second win of the split.

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