Riot’s “target patch” for Wukong rework will be League Patch 10.6

Champion designer August Browning shared his timeline.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans who are tired of hearing that the Wukong rework is “coming soon” can now jump for joy—a target patch for the rework has been declared.

Senior champion designer August Browning broke down the goals and timeline for the Monkey King’s new ability kit today. While he didn’t explain exactly how the champion’s abilities will change, Browning did give a projected patch for the rework’s arrival on the live servers—Patch 10.6.

“I’m jumping on Wukong changes at significantly reduced scope (no VFX and sound support),” Browning said. “Will be working with the assets we have, similar to what we did with Shaco, and picking up where Riot Lutzburg left off as there’s some great work there.”

To expedite the process, Browning will steer clear of any animation and sound updates. But Riot hopes the changes will make Wukong “less one-note” and have more outplay potential, rather than focusing on a 100-to-zero mechanic.

As lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter explained yesterday, Riot’s main focus will be to give Wukong stronger top and jungle potential and limit his mid strength. Browning confirmed those intentions, claiming that the monkey’s lethality build will likely become weaker.

Wukong’s rework should hit the PBE on Feb. 18 or 19, according to Browning. If the changes go over perfectly when testing, the new-and-improved Wukong could hit the live servers as early as 10.5.