Imp’s smooth moves and other top plays from day 3 at Worlds

We’re three days through League of Legends month long final tournament, the Riot World Championships

We’re three days through League of Legends month long final tournament, the Riot World Championships. While many of today’s games had little implication in the standings, that doesn’t mean they weren’t filled with amazing League.

In case you missed the action, or prefer to catch it in bite-size form, here’s some of the best plays of the day.

1) Imp’s Lucian dance scores a double kill

Just watch this one.

How can you possibly beat the Koreans if they score double kills in two-on-threes? This kind of thing is why Samsung Galaxy White and Gu “Imp” Seung-bin are so feared.

2) If this keeps up we’ll be calling Rengar ganks InSecs too

Just like his first game on Rengar, where Star Horn Royal Club decimated Team SoloMid, Choi “InSec” In-seok pulled off two successful ganks to open today’s match against SK Gaming. He can’t be stopped.

This one shows the devastating power of a mobility boots Rengar combined with Orianna’s ball of destruction, delivering it to a hapless Lee Sin.

3) Bjergsen doing what he does best

Famous in his local region for his penchant at pulling off solo kills in lane, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg continues to show he’s still a monster on the World stage. In a match with everything on the line, a spot in the playoffs gauranteed with a SoloMid victory, Bjerg took matters into his own hands.

Chen “Morning” Kuan-Ting seemingly underestimates the damage Bjerg’s Orianna can put out as he tries to push the Dane off his tower only to eat an Orianna ultimate and die.

4) Lustboy banned out? No problem.

Taipei Assassins tried a new strategy against Team SoloMid today: banning out support Ham “Lustboy” Jang-sik. In his career with the Americans, 15 of Ham’s 24 games are on Nami. SoloMid’s victory over the Assassins on Friday featured Janna. With those two champions out of the equation, what was left for Ham? Apparently, the perfect counter to what Taipei Assassins wanted to do.

Ham locked in Braum, so what does Taipei Assassins do? Promptly pick a marksman, Twitch, that’s directly countered by Braum’s shield. Woops.

This one isn’t a kill, but it highlights just how powerful proper positioning and use of skills as a support can be.

In this team fight Ham’s Braum blocks the Twitch ultimate from Cheng “bebe” Bo-Wei, mitigating the majority of the Taiwanese team’s damage and handing Team SoloMid a team fight win. They’d take two kills and the dragon off this fight, scoring a lead they’d use to win the match and the clinch a spot in the quarterfinals.

Screengrab via Riot Games/YouTube