Riot unveils new Pool Party Sett and Braum skins in time for the summer

Sun's out, guns out.

Image via Riot Games

The summer hasn’t officially started yet, but Summoner’s Rift is heating up a ton with Riot Games revealing new Pool Party skins for Sett and Braum today.

Both League of Legends champions have been featured as the next additions to the sun-kissed skin line, with both champions bringing a ton of fresh fun to your solo queue adventures. They’re also the 23rd and 24th additions to the massive universe, making the skin line one of the largest in the game.

In classic Pool Party fashion, both Braum and Sett are shown on one splash art. Braum whips up some drinks for the partygoers, but Sett seems to be joining Renekton and Taric as one of the lifeguards on duty—though he doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to the swimmers.

In-game, Braum looks right at home in the sand, even though he was originally from the snowy lands of the Freljord. His classic door has been replaced with his bar, which transforms into a shield with two palm trees in battle. His ultimate knocks up opposing champions with sandcastles that pop up from the ground, while his recall animation has him serve a drink to a nearby crab.

Image via Riot Games

Meanwhile, Sett is crashing down onto the Rift with a ton of his abilities colored with splashes and sun. For example, his ultimate, the Showstopper, now has a wonderful little charge-up chime as he slams his unfortunate victim into the ground. In his recall animation, he terrorizes a poor crab as he tries to knock over the sandcastle it built.

Ultimately, these two hunks are a great addition to the Pool Party line. The two skins will be available on the PBE servers for players to test soon.

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