Riot may have unintentionally removed a core Lux mechanic

Lux mains are furious.

Lux has taken a turn for the worse in League’s latest patch. The champion has been stripped of one of her core mechanics, leaving players lost and confused. 

Lux has consistently been one of the most popular champions in League thanks to her simplicity. She’s seen all the way from Iron to Challenger with varying degrees of skill. 

One of Lux’s standard combos involves casting Lucent Singularity (E) and starting the animation for her ultimate before detonating E in conjunction. This pops her passive, resulting in a quick burst of damage with often deadly consequences. 

But since Tuesday, April 14, (when Patch 10.8 went live), this is no longer an option. When Lux uses E and immediately ults, she’s unable to recast. The same can also be said for Light Bind (Q) and Prismatic Barrier (W). While Lux is using an ability, she’s simply unable to detonate E. 

There’s no mention of Lux nerfs in the patch notes, but Lucent Singularity (E) did receive a “quality of life” change. Riot added indicators to show recast ability timers on a number of champions, including Lux, Janna, and Varus. This was meant to be a micro-buff, but it appears to have had the opposite effect. 

Lux has a 49.29 percent win rate in Platinum and above right now, falling behind to a miserable 26th place in the mid lane position. She’s rarely seen in pro play and she’s arguably well in need of a buff. This nerf, regardless of whether it was intentional, only adds insult to injury. 

Unless Riot steps in and hotfixes her, expect Lux to fall even further down the standings.