Riot to produce reality TV-style show based around finding the next big League of Legends star

LoL THE NEXT will be similar in concept to Western audition shows like American Idol.

Image via Riot Korea

Riot Korea plans to produce a reality TV-style show that will pit some of the best amateur League of Legends players in the region against each other for a chance to win a potentially career-launching prize, the company announced today.

The show is named LoL THE NEXT and is based on the many popular K-pop reality shows that showcase upcoming talent during the competitive environment that is the audition process.

From a list of 100 Diamond-ranked or above players, the show will put each player through a rigorous audition process that will eliminate people at regular intervals until just 10 competitors remain.

These final 10 players will be split into two seperate teams and then mentored by four legenadary Korean pros. One team will be coached by the pair of Wolf and PawN, while the second squad will be coached by PraY and MaRin.

A final showdown will then take place between these two teams at LoL Park, the ancestral home of the LCK. For the victorious team, the final five players will be given a “special opportunity,” as well as a share of 50 million KRW (roughly $41,770).

The show’s first broadcast will be on Aug. 2 at 1:30am CT. It’ll be streamed on the LCK’s official YouTube and Twitch channels.