Riot Tests New Forfeit-at-15 Feature

The new system will require a unanimous decision, but would save players time.

Image Credit: League of Legends User "Heliostorm"

Riot is going to test allowing surrenders at 15 minutes, the company announced on the public League of Legends forums. These tests, however, will begin on the Oceania servers in non-ranked games. 

The original post on the community boards by Riot NaKyle reads:

“It feels bad to be stuck in a dumpster fire of a game for 20 minutes, so we’re trying out a fix for that. We’re testing a unanimous 15-minute surrender option on the OCE server in all non-RGM, Summoner’s Rift queues.

There are no other changes to the surrender system, and it’s worth noting this is a surrender, not a /remake. Pending a couple patches worth of evaluation down under, we’ll roll the feature out to all regions.”

It is worth noting that these 15 minute surrenders require a unanimous decision, so every member of the team will have to agree on surrendering the current match. This means that optimistic players who believe in the comeback will have five minutes to instill hope in at least one of their teammates to prevent a surrender at the 20 minute mark.

If this change is implemented, then teams who are getting absolutely stomped will be able to save at least five minutes of their time and move on to the next game. 

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