Riot teases visual update for Caitlyn in latest TFT developer update

The update could be coming to League of Legends as well.

Image via Riot Games

A visual update for Caitlyn could be coming to League of Legends sometime in the near future. In today’s developer update for Teamfight Tactics, a newer model for Caitlyn was showcased—one that closely mirrors the champion’s appearance in Legends of Runeterra

In the TFT developer update, a brief glimpse of a visually updated Caitlyn can be seen. Caitlyn’s updated appearance in the video does away with her over-the-top wide-brimmed purple top hat and fluffy violet dress. Instead, it updates her clothes to trim them down, making them appear less cartoonish and more regal. Additionally, the admittedly out-of-place leather straps around Caitlyn’s legs have been replaced by elegant black stockings. 

Earlier today, new files depicting an updated splash art for Caitlyn in Wild Rift were discovered by a Twitter user named Chowz. Riot has not confirmed whether those files will make their way over to League or if they’re connected to a possible visual update for the Sheriff of Piltover. 

It’s unclear if the updates to Caitlyn will go live in League or will exclusively be available in Teamfight Tactics since the developer update only showcased the champion in TFT. Considering the two games have been closely linked since TFT’s release in 2019, it seems safe to believe that League’s version of Caitlyn could receive a visual update as well. 

Beyond her initial appearance, Riot has not confirmed at this time if any of Caitlyn’s abilities or visual effects will be receiving an update.

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