Riot teases next 3 League champions as unnamed support enchanter, jungler, and bottom laner

A trio of new faces will be hitting Summoner's Rift.

Screengrab via Riot Games

If you know Riot Games, you know that the League of Legends team loves to tease its player base with vague hints about the game’s next set of champions. In today’s developer vlog, lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles outlined some small hints about a new support, jungler, and bottom laner.

At the beginning of the segment, the gameplay trailer for Zeri was shown as a primer. Afterward, however, Reav3 talked about how he and the rest of the team looked at the game’s current cast of enchanters and realized they’re all generally “light-hearted, colorful, [and] good aligned.” As a result, the team aimed to create a darker, more sinister champion for supports to use. In what seems like an inevitable hint, he said support players will go “berserk” over this new champion.

“We also wanted to make a champion whose theme and kit make support players feel like the boss they are,” Reav3 said. “Those damage carries always get all the credit, but it’s always been you behind the scenes, keeping them alive with your buffs, constantly saving them from certain death.”

After hinting at this dark support, Reav3 is supposedly taken over by the Void. He starts mumbling things about “the Lavender Sea” and how “[his] empress” rules over the land of Runeterra. He mentions that the city of Belvast will fall first before coming back to his senses to continue the video. To match the previous Void-like outburst, Reav3 talks about a “terrifying” new jungler that will be “swarming” Summoner’s Rift later in the year.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Lastly, a mysterious image is shown to tease another champion set to release this year. Reav3 also said they’ll be “whipping out” this non-traditional bottom laner, which could be a hint at the character’s attack style or abilities.

This year is already shaping up to be an exciting one for League fans with plenty of surprises in store. In the meantime, you can hop onto Summoner’s Rift now to start your ranked climb.