Riot teases a new Ixtali male enchanter champion in early development, set to release in League sometime next year

Riot marks off two boxes with this upcoming champion.

Screengrab via Riot Games

In today’s League of Legends update video, Riot Reav3, lead producer of gameplay in League, teased multiple champions set to join the ever-evolving cast in the MOBA in 2023. Among these was a small look at an upcoming support champion, taking the form of an archetype in the game that fans have been asking about for years.

A male enchanter champion from the region of Ixtal will be joining League at some point next year, though he’s currently in “very early development.” Reav3 shared an art teaser of three smiling wisp-like creatures that appear to be part of the champion’s kit in some capacity. 

He explained that this champion is supposed to depict a lifestyle opposite to the lavish one that Qiyana lives, the most recent champion in League from this region. Ixtal is known for the abundance of magic that lay within its lands, though foreign invasion has forced the inhabitants of the region to distance themselves from the outside world. Champions like Rengar, Zyra, and Nidalee also hail from this region, though Qiyana’s status paints her as royalty above them.

Players have long debated if Taric is an enchanter, which would make him the only male enchanter currently in League. In a teaser for Renata Glasc earlier this year that grouped all of the current enchanter champions with one another, Taric was included in the lineup, though the release of this new champion will cement a male enchanter on the roster.

No further details have been provided on this upcoming support due to how early in the development phase he is in. It is likely that more information on the champion will be provided as his release draws closer, which may not be until later next year after the new Shuriman tank, K’Sante, and Darkin assassin.