Riot details Master Yi, Taliyah, Elise, and other champ buffs coming to League in Patch 12.13

Over a dozen champions are receiving buffs in the update.

Image via Riot Games

Many champions are set to receive buffs with Patch 12.12b and 12.13 in League of Legends, lead designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison revealed on social media, with others champions, like Bel’Veth and Wukong, taking on nerfs.

The champions that will receive the most significant buffs include Taliyah, who has been featuring among the lowest win rates in the game for weeks, Katarina, and Elise.

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But Master Yi will be at the center of the balance update, as previously announced by the devs. He is to receive numerous buffs to put it back in the spotlight.

  • Alpha Strike (Q) range increased from 125 to 175.
  • Alpha Strike (Q) effect added: When alpha strike ends, choose the direction you want to appear, relatively to the target.
  • Meditate (W) cooldown reduced from 28 to nine seconds.
  • Meditate (W) mana cost reduced from 50 to 40 points and +6 percent maximum mana per second.
  • Meditate (W) effect added: damage reduction of 90 percent during the first 0.5 seconds of the skillshot.
  • Meditate (W) damage reduction remains for 0.5 seconds after the end of the effect.

These buffs aim to make Master Yi shine more in ranked, especially in Platinum ranks and above, where he has among the worst pick and win rates, according to stats site U.GG.

In addition, Renekton is getting a buff, as well as Evelynn, Kled, Karthus, Galio, Vex, Olaf Jungle, Shaco, Caitlyn, and Leona.

League‘s patch 12.12b is expected to be introduced to the live servers on June 30, while Patch 12.13 will join the game on July 13.