Riot targets Lee Sin’s damage, Jayce’s tankiness in League Patch 12.7 preview

Riot's dishing out some nerfs with just a few weeks to go until MSI.

Image via Riot Games

The expanded patch preview for League of Legends Patch 12.7 was revealed by Riot Games earlier today, with a series of champions on the table to receive balance updates. Traditionally, Riot makes more balance changes at the halfway point of the League of Legends season to coincide with the Mid-Season Invitational, and this year is no exception. 14 champions are set to be altered in Patch 12.7, with more updates on the way before MSI kicks off on May 10. 

Among those 14, four champions are set to be nerfed in the patch. The wbiggest changes are coming to Rengar. The Pridestalker will see the bonus damage Savagery (Q) deals to towers and structures reduced by 40 percent, with the damage it deals to jungle monsters increased at all ranks to counteract that heavy nerf to his siege potential. 

Beyond Rengar, other champions are seeing their offensive output nerfed in Patch 12.7. Lee Sin is set to have his base Attack Damage nerfed, as well as the damage of Sonic Wave (Q). Jayce is also being nerfed by way of his base HP and base Armor being nerfed. His HP and Armor per level, though, are being increased to offset things. 

A slight nerf is coming to Ryze, who will have the mana-scaling ratios of his Overload (Q) reduced from three percent to two percent in Patch 12.7. Zeri is also set to receive a nerf, although the details of her upcoming changes have yet to be revealed by the game’s development team. 

Items are also set to receive nerfs in the patch, with Moonstone Renewer having its healing and shielding power reduced, and Galeforce set to have its cooldown increased from 90 seconds to 110 seconds. Winter’s Approach (and Fimbulwinter, by proxy) will also be nerfed by costing 100 gold more and giving 50 less health in Patch 12.7.

League of Legends Patch 12.7 will be released on April 13, according to the game’s official patch schedule

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