Riot store launches Star Guardian line of jewelry, keycaps, plushies, and more

Get 'em before they're gone.

Image via Riot Games

To celebrate the launch of this year’s highly anticipated Star Guardians event in League of Legends, Riot has added a collection of Star Guardians-themed merchandise items to its store, beginning today.

The Star Guardian merch line features all kinds of different items that can be purchased, including plush toys, figures, keycaps, mousepads, and a variety of pieces of jewelry including pendants, rings, bracelets, and lockets.

There are three different Star Guardian plushes available to purchase: Fuwa, Towa, and Ina, each listed at $35. Two “special edition” figures are available as well: Soraka and Lulu. There different Star Guardian keycaps are listed on the store: ones for Lulu, Lux, and Ekko, each listed for $80. A Star Guardian 2022 XL mousepad is also available for purchase for $25.

A handful of pendants, lockets, rings, and bracelets can also be purchased, ranging from $95 to $150. The bracelets, which are Star Guardian Kai’Sa and Akali Friendship bracelets, are pre-order only, with an estimated shipping date of December 2022.

Before the release of these items, Riot also announced it would sell a Star Guardian-themed chair pillow in a collaboration with SecretLab, its official chair partner. That item can now be pre-ordered from the SecretLab website for $59, with an expected shipping date of Nov. 23. Riot also said it would release Star Guardian Jinx and Zoe figures, but the listings for those are not up yet.

The in-game Star Guardian event is now officially live as of Thursday, July 14. You can view the entire Star Guardian 2022 merch collection on the Riot store page.