Riot showcases new High Noon skins for Senna and Irelia

Senna and Irelia join the fight across the wild, wild West.

Photo via Riot Games

Giddy up, League of Legends fans. Riot Games revealed two new cosmetics today that have added Senna and Irelia to the High Noon skin line.

Senna will hit Summoner’s Rift with a classic High Noon gothic look. She sports a large hat, a flowing, fiery cape, and rides around on a flaming horse. Her abilities are impressive to watch as well, with new animations and sound effects for her Piercing Darkness, Last Embrace, and Dawning Shadow.

The Redeemer will also be joining her beloved Lucian in the High Noon universe, where he’s locked in a perpetual battle with an ancient demon in the form of High Noon Thresh. They’ll once again fight against their nemesis in yet another timeline.

Meanwhile, Irelia is also getting the Western treatment with a High Noon skin. Her skin follows the classic gothic color scheme and design of the cosmetic line, too. She even has wings that unfurl when she starts her recall animation.

Irelia also recently got a buff to her Flawless Duet base damage in Patch 10.10, but she’s sitting at a 45.38-percent win rate in the top lane as the ninth most-played champion in the role. It’s unclear if this skin can convince some players to pick her once it reaches the live servers.

These two skins will be available for testing on the League PBE.