Riot shares first look at League’s upcoming Social Leaderboard feature

The feature will be tested on the Patch 11.16 PBE.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games discussed an upcoming Social Leaderboard feature last week that allows League of Legends players to compare ranks with their friends. And today, fans got a sneak peek.

Product lead on competitive gameplay Cody Germain shared what the Social Leaderboard will look like in the client, comparing your place on the solo/duo and flex ladders to others on your friends list. While there’s no set time frame for when the feature will make its way to the live client, it’ll be tested on the Patch 11.16 PBE.

The feature seemingly creates a leaderboard based on friends and acquaintances, ranking everyone based on their position on the ladder. It seems like players will be able to access the leaderboard when forming a party in solo/duo and flex queues. The table shows player ranks, summoner names, and ranked wins, with high performers at the top and lower-ranked players at the bottom. There also appears to be a “next ladder update” timer that will likely refresh the rankings after a short period of time.

League’s current ranked league system places players in a random group based on their division, showing wins, LP, and placement on the ladder. With this grouping mostly made up of strangers, players can’t really compare themselves to friends. The introduction of the Social Leaderboard should provide further incentive to grind with a little friendly competition.

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