New League biography shows upcoming juggernaut Sett's rise from a "half-beast" pit fighter to "the Boss"

"Every punch Sett throws is a blow to his old life of poverty and ostracism."

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans are surely enjoying the debut of the newest champion, Aphelios. But some additional information on the upcoming juggernaut may satiate anyone’s need for extra content.

Riot Games revealed the biography of Sett, the Boss, who’s scheduled to hit the Rift next. Fans already received teasers that hinted at the juggernaut’s potential brawler abilities. And now, fans got the inside scoop on how “The Beast-Boy Bastard” became “the Boss.”

Image via Riot Games

Sett’s beginnings were humble and tragic. The youth was ostracized from his community as a “half-beast,” due to his father’s Noxian heritage and mother being Ionian vastaya. The vastayans were appalled at his birth and expelled the family from their tribe.

Sett’s father was infamous in Ionia as a pitfighter—a profession his mother disapproved of and didn’t want for her child. But as fate would have it, Sett found himself in the middle of the Noxian pits anyway.

After finding out his father bought out his contract and disappeared, Sett made it his personal vendetta to take out every combatant in the pit in hopes that the man who abandoned his family would be next.

While some combatants prioritized technical training or martial arts, Sett used primal strength and rage to level all his opponents. The young fighter quickly moved up the ranks, becoming the “King of the Pit” and earning tons of prize money for his mother.

Despite making more money than ever, Sett couldn’t help but feel he could do better. The half-beast propositioned the Noxian matchmaker and his cronies with a deal they couldn’t refuse—grant him control of the arena and its revenue. Though they declined Sett’s suggestion, a few minutes alone with him told a different tale. And the half-beast became the new boss.

Now, Sett enjoys huge profits from the Noxian pit. And anyone who challenges his authority is personally reminded who the boss is.