New League images tease upcoming juggernaut

The pieces are beginning to fall in place.

Image via Riot Games

Less than a month after Senna’s release onto live servers, Riot Games may have just teased the next League of Legends champion, a new juggernaut that’s set to release following Aphelios’ arrival on live servers.

Earlier today, League fans began posting images they claimed to have received in emails from Riot. Fans received only one image each from a set of four different ability cards, and when strung together, the cards make up a full champion kit. The abilities and their names are as follows:

  • Q: Fist, Meet Face
  • W: Catch These Hands
  • E: Bust ‘Em Up
  • R: Let’s Give ‘Em a Show

Although the cards lacked ability descriptions, each was accompanied by a sketch of one or more pre-existing champions receiving punches to the face. Based on the ability names and the sketches, it seems as though the mysterious champion could be based on some sort of fighting or boxing design.

The description Riot gave for League‘s upcoming juggernaut in a recent Champion Roadmap seems to align with the brawl-orientated names revealed in today’s set of emails. “This new champion will thrive in the center of a brawl, laughing as they take hit after hit then furiously punching back, releasing all that stored aggression on their enemies’ faces,” the juggernaut’s overview reads.

Additionally, the email images depict a smaller card-like item that closely resembles one discovered last month by Surrender at 20, a data mining website for the League of Legends Public Beta Environment. The image, which appeared on the testing server as a loot asset, was named “Sett’s Calling Card” and was accompanied by a description that points to Jan. 14 as the date the item can be opened. The image’s name has led many to believe the champion that will be released following Aphelios will be named Sett.

While many fans may be eagerly awaiting a second new champion release, others may be scratching their heads at the timing of these teasers. Riot revealed Aphelios and his abilities in November and slated the champion for a Dec. 11 release—a full month after Senna’s addition to live servers. Back-to-back champion releases are already uncanny enough as it is, but to throw in a third champion to the mix adds an extra level of weirdness to the release schedule.

If the newest League champion is indeed Sett, fans should expect more information about the champion to be revealed in the coming weeks.