Riot says 33 million people play Teamfight Tactics every month

The numbers are astounding.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has given players an update on the state of Teamfight Tactics in a recent developer’s post. The company outlined multiple impressive stats with the game and talked about the future of the mode as a long-term addition to League of Legends.

The TFT community has become a huge part of the League universe, which is why Riot will be investing a lot more time and effort into the game mode. In fact, there are over 33 million people playing TFT every month and players have racked up over 1.725 billion minutes of game time since the mode’s release.

Image via Riot Games

The global average peak concurrent players in League has also increased by 30 percent with the addition of TFT and that number has remained steady. China saw the largest jump in terms of total game hours with a 35-percent growth after the launch of TFT.

Riot has also announced that with the increasing popularity of the game mode, the company is planning to build a competitive TFT scene next year. The company will also be dedicating some time to expand the game for players who want a more casual, social experience in the future.

If TFT’s player base and game time remain consistent over the next few months, Riot will likely pour a ton of resources into the game and its upcoming professional scene. There’s already a huge amount of support for the pro scene since multiple esports organizations have signed TFT players.