Riot reverts Patch 9.11 nerfs to Master Yi and Karthus in micropatch

The patch was released one day ago.

Master Yi and Rageblade changes
Image via Riot Games

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If you’re a Master Yi or Karthus player who felt hurt by the nerfs Riot Games made to your champions, then today is your lucky day. Rob “King Cobra” Rosa revealed that the team will be reverting the nerfs to both champs in a micropatch.

In Patch 9.11, Master Yi and Karthus were nerfed by a good amount. Yi’s Q ability, Alpha Strike, was reduced to 15-percent attack damage per additional strike on the same target. Karthus’ ultimate AP damage ratio was nerfed to 0.65 AP, as well.

Many players felt like Master Yi’s damage was too low in combination with the rest of his kit. It looks like Riot also thought that Karthus’ ultimate wasn’t doing enough damage either, so the developer rolled back both of the changes to the original states before Patch 9.11.

Master Yi’s Q will now do 25-percent attack damage per extra strike on the same target, while Karthus’ ultimate AP ratio has been boosted back up to 0.75 AP.

Of course, there are still plenty of people saying that these changes should have been kept in the game. Some players think that these Master Yi changes would have been fine if Riot hadn’t nerfed his attack speed. Hop into a game with Master Yi and see if you’d prefer more attack speed over more Q damage.