Riot dev reveals schedule for upcoming League champions and Udyr rework, sheds some light on ‘mystery’ VGU

The new Champion Roadmap is on its way.

Image via Riot Games

Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, the lead champion producer for League of Legends, has spoken about the game’s upcoming champion schedule in a post on Reddit.

Players are expecting to see a jungler associated with the Void, as well as a non-traditional bot laner this year, both of which were showcased in a developer’s vlog in January. Udyr is also scheduled to receive a minor rework, though the exact date of these changes remains to be seen.

Reav3 outlined the schedule for the upcoming changes on the Elise Mains subreddit.

“The order [for release] right now is Jungler>Botlaner>Udyr,” he said. In the same post, the champion producer explained that players will get more official information next month, since Reav3 “[is] writing the [Champion] roadmap right now, aiming for sometime in April to release it.”

The Riot dev also shared some details about the upcoming Skarner VGU update that is set to hit the live servers sometime this year. “Skarner dev blog is still a ways off, probably in the 2nd half of the year sometime, but I am going to talk about it and show a little early dev work on it in the next Champion Roadmap,” Reav3 said.

The topic of a “mystery VGU,” which was teased earlier this year, was also touched upon on Reddit. “It’s looking likely I will talk about the mystery project, but it depends on how far along it gets this month. It’s not quite a VGU though but something completely new that we haven’t don’t before,” Reav3 said. The developer team, however, will “greenlight it soon,” he added.

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