Riot reveals rewards for Twisted Treeline fans ahead of game mode’s retirement

Longtime fans of the three-vs-three mode won't be left empty-handed.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans, get ready to say goodbye to Twisted Treeline once the season ends. But before the preseason begins, Riot Games is sending the mode off with a slew of rewards for those who have enjoyed the three-vs-three game mode over the years.  

When Patch 9.23 launches, those who have played numerous games of Twisted Treeline since the map’s release will receive rewards based on the number of matches they’ve completed:

  • 10 games—an exclusive summoner’s icon
  • 50 games—summoner’s icon plus exclusive emote
  • 100 games—summoner’s icon, emote, and an additional limited-time Vilemaw icon

Of course, those who have ranked up in Twisted Treeline will receive the usual end-of-season rewards. Unlike previous years, however, there won’t be a Twisted Treeline-exclusive chroma for the 2019 Victorious skin. Fans will still have time to climb the ladder and achieve their goal ranks before the season ends on Nov. 19 at 2am CT.

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Riot first revealed the game mode would be ending this year in July. The League developer pointed to its shift in focus toward larger game modes as well as Twisted Treeline’s lack of growth over the years as reasons for the mode’s removal.

League fans will be able to continue playing Twisted Treeline until Patch 9.23 launches on Nov. 20.