Riot reveals new unnamed juggernaut and marksman League champs in latest Champion Roadmap

Get ready for two more champions.

Photo via Riot Games

Riot Games’ recent League of Legends Champion Roadmap teased that two more champions are being developed for the game—and they’ll be a juggernaut and a marksman.

Lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles said that “only the devout” will be able to master the next marksman to hit Summoner’s Rift. There are many hints that suggest the champion is connected to the Lunari, which was an ancient organization and religious order that worshipped the Aspect of the Moon. One notable champion connected to the Lunari is Diana, who’s a warrior from this order.

Image via Riot Games

The new marksman might also have an ability to swap forms or weapons because Reav3 said that the champ is “mastering diverse weapons of faith, swapping through them like cycles of the moon.”

The juggernaut, on the other hand, will be hailing from the Ionian underground. Reav3 said that the last time Riot released a straightforward juggernaut was Darius, so this new champion will be one that “[thrives] in the center of a brawl.”

From the teaser art in the Champion Roadmap, it looks like this new champion will be someone who fights in an arena of sorts, like an Ionian-style gladiator.

Reav3 also said that the new champion will be “laughing as they take hit after hit then furiously punching back, releasing all that stored aggression on their enemies’ faces.” This could be a hint at the character’s abilities. The new champ could possibly gain more power after taking multiple hits or it could have an ability that can reflect damage after taunting or blocking an enemies attack.

In addition, the lead champion producer said there’s a “whimsical new jungler” and another new solo lane melee character in early development, which we should get more information about in the next year.