Riot reveals a new line of PROJECT skins

Prepare your wallets.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed its latest PROJECT event on Twitter. This time, Pyke, Warwick, Akali, Jinx, and Irelia are the stars of the show, each playing a part in Riot’s action-packed cinematic. 

PROJECT: Reckoning features a cyberpunk backdrop, combined with heaps of mechanical fonder, weaponry, and rumble. It’s like something straight out of Terminator, but, of course, with a League of Legends twist. At the end of the short video, we’re left with our five antagonists who are seemingly ready to take over the city, each sporting fluorescent attire.

It’s hard to make out the exact details, but the skins look better than ever. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing high-quality skins when it comes to PROJECT events, and once again, Riot hasn’t let us down. The skins usually come at a hefty price, but for collectors and cosmetic lovers, it’s hard to say no. 

The ins and outs of the PROJECT event have yet to be revealed, but it’s assumed further details will be released shortly. Expect a lot more missions, summoner icons, and more.