Riot reveals League champions with most pentakills in ranked solo queue during Patch 11.11

The data includes all solo queue games played on Patch 11.11.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has released the latest edition of its “Ask Riot” editorial series in which the League of Legends developers reveal interesting tidbits and fun facts about statistics and trends from recent months of gameplay. And today, Riot showcased the champions with the most pentakills in recent solo queue games, as well as how those champions have been performing in other game modes, such as ARAM. 

Unsurprisingly, the champion with the most pentakills in Patch 11.11 was Samira, whose reset-focused kit allowed her to secure a total of 0.018 pentakills per game. Master Yi and Katarina rounded out the top three, accumulating a total of 0.018 and 0.015 pentakills per game, respectively. 

Support champions struggled to secure pentakills, though. Soraka, Braum, Rell, and Taric all went the entire timespan of the patch without securing a single pentakill in any ranked solo queue game.

But where those champions really shined was in ARAM. In fact, every champion on the League roster managed to secure a pentakill in an ARAM game during Patch 11.11. The game mode’s flexibility allows players to get a bit more creative with their builds, which in turn, allows champions like Braum, Taric, and other traditionally passive supports to be more aggressive in their playstyles.  

Samira, Master Yi, and Katarina all led the way in ARAM as well, though. Master Yi players were able to secure the top spot in that game mode, however, racking up 0.082 pentakills per game, an increase of 128-percent from the champion’s ranked solo queue games. 

All three of these champions could be affected by the upcoming release of Patch 11.13. With several major items and champions slated to be adjusted, the dominant “pentakill trio” could take a bit of a hit in future games.

League Patch 11.13 will be released on June 23, according to the game’s official patch schedule

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