Riot releases new LEC video to hype up the EU faithful before the 2020 Spring Split

The LEC begins on Friday, Jan. 24.

Photo via Riot Games

We’re less than a week away from the start of the 2020 League of Legends Spring Split, but Riot Games isn’t slowing down with the hype train for the LEC. A new video was released today, showcasing every European team vying for a championship.

The overarching theme for this year’s hype video was that each LEC team had something over one another. Whether it was the culture and tradition of Team Vitality, the incredible fans of Fnatic, or the proven championship-winning roster of G2 Esports, each team has something to show off before the season begins.

The video starts off with the end of the 2019 World Championship after G2 lost in the finals to China’s FunPlus Phoenix. It was a disappointing end for European fans, but that loss might have been a necessary fall for a region that will aim to come back even stronger this year.

Every LEC team was featured, from Excel Esports to the MAD Lions. All 10 teams have something to prove this year, boasting new rosters and coaches across the league. Each organization is gunning for the top spot in the region and will try to dethrone G2 as kings of Europe.

In fact, G2 is the last team to be featured in the video. Star support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle comes out of the shadows to say that even though everyone has something great to say about themselves, G2 is still the best team in the region and taking them down will be just as hard as last year.

Don’t miss the action when the LEC kicks off on Friday, Jan. 24, starting with a match between G2 and MAD Lions.