Riot releases new CG intro trailer for League season 2021, reveals Viego as new champion

Welcome to the new season, summoners.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Welcome to the new year, League of Legends fans. Riot Games introduced the 11th season of the game today with a new CG trailer featuring Viego, the newest character to join the game’s ever-growing universe.

The trailer focuses on multiple champions, like Lucian, Senna, Karma, Darius, Samira, Poppy, and Vayne, while they all deal with the threat of the Black Mist and the Ruined King.

The trailer starts off as Viego begins his attack on the rest of Runeterra in his quest to find his fallen queen. Across the world, the Black Mist continues to terrorize various factions, including Noxus and Ionia. Champions like Karma and Darius are both briefly possessed by the Black Mist, causing them to attack their allies.

Eventually, Senna and Lucian are forced to flee from the Ruined King since he’s far too powerful to deal with on their own. As they sail away from the fight, Lucian mentions that they can’t hope to beat him by themselves.

Afterward, executive producer Jessica “Safelocked” Nam explained that the story will be continued across multiple League-themed venues throughout the whole year. Additionally, the next champions will be linked to the story around Viego.

You can check out the new trailer and decide whether you’ll be fighting for hope or for the Ruined King.

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