Riot releases badass new cinematic for upcoming High Noon skins

This total rehaul of the High Noon skin series was sorely needed.

Image via Riot Games

There are only a few skin lines in League of Legends that players think of when asked to pick out a favorite.

There’s the Star Guardian series, Arcade, Dark Star, Warring Kingdoms, Project, and for some, April Fool’s Day. Those sets of skins have all been redefined by Riot to have clear themes and impressive features, and judging by today’s reveal, High Noon skins are being added to that list.

Riot sent out emails to select fans yesterday to tease some ominous new Wild West-themed skins. And today, the company released a badass new cinematic to confirm our suspicions—the teasers were for new High Noon skins. They’re way, way cooler than any other High Noon skin that’s come before.

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These new skins are chock-full of fire and brimstone. Thresh’s entire body, adorned with a cow skull instead of his usual reaper-like appearance, is coated in flame. Half of Lucian’s body looks like magma, and although Urgot’s skin wasn’t in the cinematic, his teaser yesterday featured a billowing smoke stack. The fiery theme here is very apparent, and that’s a far cry from the usual and generic western-looking High Noon skins that we’re used to.

The game’s previous High Noon skins belong to Yasuo, Jhin, and Twisted Fate. There are other western-themed skins, too, including Sheriff Caitlyn, Longhorn Alistar, and many more. We doubt that Riot would go back and redesign the old High Noon skins to match the new theme, but a feature or two may get added to them.

When the Star Guardian skin series really took off with the release of Star Guardian Jinx, Janna, Poppy, and Lulu, the old Star Guardian Lux skin received a new Homeguard animation in-game to match the others. Something like that may be added to Twisted Fate, Jhin, and Yasuo, or maybe even a new recall animation. We aren’t holding our breath, though.

With the official reveal being today, we expect these skins to arrive on the PBE soon—either later today or over the next couple of days.

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