Riot sends ominous new skin teasers to a select few fans

Are these new High Noon skins, or something more sinister?

Images via Riot Games | Remix by Aaron Mickunas

Riot Games is amping up the hype factor around League of Legends skins. Following in the footsteps of an already long list of skins arriving this week with Patch 8.16, another set of skins was teased today. But this time, they were teased in a very unusual way. It’s unusual for Riot, at least.

Typically, skins are revealed through a short social media clip, or they’re just added to the PBE outright. Today, though, Riot sent out a very ominous email teaser to a select amount of fans, and those fans took to Reddit to share with the community what they were shown. There were three different styles of emails, each with a different creepy image, a quote, tomorrow’s date, and a link to League’s Instagram account.


Image via Riot Games

“Devils live among us. Sometimes, within us. When you’re damned either way… give ’em hell.”


Image via Riot Games

“Devils live among us. Some hook you into a fool’s game, where taking one soul would’ve been a kinder consequence.”


Image via Riot Games

“Devils live among us. Some are steel monstrosities, relishing mass casualty in the name of industry.”

The theme of these skins is very obviously Wild West, with Lucian’s hat, Thresh’s cow skull, and Urgot’s hat and smoke stack. There’s already a Wild West-themed set in the game—High Noon. The only problem is that these teasers seem much more ominous than any of the relatively upbeat-looking High Noon skins, like Jhin or Yasuo.

It’s possible that Riot is attempting to redefine the skin series, similar to what the company did for both the Star Guardian and Blood Moon skin series after there had already been a few skins of each line in the game beforehand. If so, that could certainly end up pleasing fans since the High Noon series isn’t exactly the most sought after set, especially compared to the aforementioned Star Guardian and Blood Moon skins.

Either way, we should know more about these teasers tomorrow, since the eerie emails included tomorrow’s date. At least there’s not another Teemo skin.


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