Riot provides insight into League’s player-specific discounts in Your Shop

The skins available to each player are based entirely on their preferences in League.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ skin discount store Your Shop is returning alongside the debut of Akshan and the third week of the Sentinels of Light event, though a bug has rendered the shop temporarily offline. In the meantime, Riot has provided some insight into how the discounts work for each player.

RiotWhiskies, a senior data engineer at Riot Games, revealed that the process of creating discounts specific to each individual player in Your Shop has various complexities. She also offered clarification on some of the confusion regarding the discounts. An algorithm, according to RiotWhiskies, exists that specifically looks at the players’ behavior across games, including champion and role preferences, and provides unique discounts based on that data.

She also mentioned that players will never be able to see the same offer twice “unless it’s the only possible option remaining.” This means that each Your Shop will provide players without an immense collection of League’s over 1,000 skins different cosmetics and discounts each time the shop is available, which is only a few times a year.

This iteration of Your Shop marks the second time that Ríot is including a Legendary skin offer within the lineup of discounts. The only other time that this offer was available was during League’s 10th-anniversary event. Legendary skins likely follow the same algorithm as the other cosmetics available within Your Shop, though specific information on how the skin is chosen has not been revealed.

Due to a bug, Your Shop is temporarily disabled for all players, though i’s expected to be up and running soon. RiotWhiskers added that “we are trying our best to make sure your offers don’t change” from before the bug was spotted. Players can look forward to discovering their specific discounts when Your Shop reopens soon.

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