Riot previews changes coming to Clash in 2022 League season

Rewards will be much more visible during next year's Clash season.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games detailed a plethora of changes earlier today that are coming to League of Legends in the near future. But perhaps one of the most notable pieces of information that Riot dropped in today’s developer update focused on League’s Clash game mode. 

Next year, Clash players can expect to see their rewards more prominently displayed to give them a better glimpse at what’s at stake during a Clash tournament. Riot admitted it “[hasn’t] done a great job” of communicating to players what they’re shooting for in Clash, and next year, the rewards that are on the line will be better displayed. 

Whether it’s a potential trophy, the banners and loot that you’ve earned in Clash, or your teams’ stats throughout the course of a season, everything related to Clash will be more properly displayed next season, according to Riot. 

Riot is making it a top priority to keep players engaged in Clash—not just during a single tournament, but throughout the course of an entire Clash season. “Getting together with your crew and tackling the gauntlet of Clash is thrilling, and exactly how we think League should be experienced,” Riot said in today’s developer update. “However, we’ve seen indications that once you lose your first two games in a tournament, it’s hard to find the motivation to continue on.”

Riot also mentioned that it’s working on “some small enhancements for the current season” so that players can get accustomed to Clash and any changes that might come to the game mode at the start of the 2022 season.

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