Riot launches new K/DA collection in League merch store

Just in time for Worlds.

Image via Riot Games

This year’s League of Legends World Championship is just around the corner and a number of teams across the globe qualified for a spot on the international stage over the weekend. To celebrate, Riot Games launched a new set of K/DA merchandise today, including a K/DA Akali statue, a set of mini figurines, and two jackets.

The first item from the collection is a K/DA Akali statue. Priced at $85, the statue stands at nine and a half inches tall and comes with a detachable mask. Unlike other statues, however, the Akali statue features a special type of paint that illuminates when highlighted by a blacklight. Fans who purchase the collectible will receive their own battery-operated blacklight to do so. Batteries won’t be included, however.

Next up: K/DA mini figures. This set of four two-inch mini figurines features the entire group of pop stars in their stage outfits, including Ahri, Kai’Sa, Akali, and Evelynn. Fans can purchase the entire set for $30.

Riot is also selling two K/DA-themed jackets. One is a $65 hoodie with the K/DA logo on the front and an artist’s rendition of K/DA Evelynn and Akali on the back. The second jacket is a bomber-style with Akali’s dragon on the back and her mask on the right sleeve, priced at $120.

To wrap up the collection, fans can purchase a set of collectible pins that features each of the four pop stars and an additional pin for K/DA Akali in her blacklight outfit. Riot is also launching two extra-large mousepads featuring the pop group.