Riot launches free game design curriculum called URF Academy Online

Riot wants to help inspire the world's future game designers.

Photo via Riot Games

Riot Games has shown its dedication to inspiring and educating the world’s future game designers by starting a free game design curriculum resource for middle school and high school teachers.

The new resource is called URF Academy Online. It’s an entry-level course that helps teach high school students the fundamentals of game design using interactive workshops created by Riot’s own designers. The curriculum was adapted from a college-level curriculum designed by senior game designer Stone Librande.

“Our Game Design Curriculum is our way to share our love for and knowledge of games to students everywhere,” Riot said. “We designed it with accessibility top of mind—any teacher with access to the internet and a printer should be able to teach students how to design a fun game.”

The program is split into six modules made up of various projects and activities that the student will have to do from helping people understand the basics of game design all the way to designing, developing, and playtesting a paper prototype of a multiplayer game.

Riot opened an interactive game design workshop for high school students in 2016 at its headquarters in Los Angeles. But this new curriculum should be able to help teachers guide aspiring game designers to their own individual paths and future careers.