Riot is offering Twitch Prime members four months of rewards

The offer ends Aug. 28.

Rift Scuttler changes
Image via Riot Games

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Riot Games is teaming up with Twitch Prime yet again, but instead of offering fans just one capsule this go-around, the League of Legends developer is giving fans four months of rewards.

Beginning today, League fans with a Twitch Prime subscription can redeem a Rift Herald’s Capsule, which contains two random skin shards, an exclusive emote, and one random Legendary skin shard.

Players who claim the first capsule before the promotion ends will automatically receive an additional capsule every 30 days for the next three months. Each of the capsules will have different names but will contain similar rewards—the final capsule, however, will contain a random permanent legendary skin in addition to a random skin shard and an exclusive emote.

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To claim their first capsule, Twitch Prime users will need to visit the game’s rewards page and sign in with their Twitch account. Those who have yet to link their League of Legends account with their Twitch account will be required to do so before being able to claim their first capsule.

Once users have linked their accounts, the Rift Herald’s Capsule will appear in their loot inventory the next time they log into the game. Each of the three additional capsules will automatically be added to their crafting inventory each month.

Fans of the game will have until Aug. 28 to claim the first capsule of the promotion before the offer ends.