Riot is making more female League of Legends champions to balance the roster

Ever wondered why so many female champions have joined Summoner's Rift recently?

Image via Riot Games

In recent years, there have been more female champions released in League of Legends than male champions. This, according to lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, is all a part of Riot’s plan.

In the comment section of a recent post on League’s subreddit, Reav3 shed some light on Riot’s approach to releasing new champions. He explained that the devs are aiming to balance the roster to eventually make it 50/50 male and female champions.

He added that a few years back, the devs realized that the roster was around 60/40 percent in the favor of male champions. He explained that, in Riot’s point of view, it’s better for the game to be even, leading to the devs focusing on releasing more female champions.

“A couple of years ago we looked at the overall diversity of our roster, and… we had like 60% male champs and 40% female champs,” Reav3 said. “We feel long-term it’s probably better to have something like 50/50 male and female champs.”

Out of the 10 most recent champions, only three—Yone, Viego, and Akshan— are male. The other seven are female, with Bel’Veth, the next champion to join the roster, also being female. Overall, there are 98 male champions and 62 female champions in the game, including Bel’Veth.


Mateusz Miter
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