Put your magic hat on because Riot is buffing 2 AP items in League of Legends

Big changes.

Image via Riot Games

The final days of League of Legends season 12 are slowly approaching with fewer than 20 days left to cross off the calendar. So, Riot Games has been making its final preseason tweaks and revisions to have the preseason up and ready in its best light the moment it hits the live servers. The most recent changes are heavily focused on mage items—Rod of Ages and Archangel’s Staff/Seraph’s Embrace.

On the PBE, Rod of Ages now has the Genesis passive removed, and it has the Eternity passive from Catalyst of Aeons meaning that for every 300 health or mana restored from Eternity, you’ll gain 10 percent MS for two seconds. According to Spideraxe, a game designer and [email protected] mod, when you reach max stacks, all Eternity effects are doubled.

Archangel’s Staff, or rather, Seraph’s Embrace, is getting substantial changes that will definitely affect the champions like Ryze and Anivia, that normally build this item. First, Fiendish Codex in the recipe is replaced with Kindlegem, meaning that the item now grants 200 health. On top of that, the cost is now increased from 3000 to 3100. Flat AP is unfortunately reduced from 100 to 80. And Seraph’s AP from bonus mana is reduced from three percent to two percent. 

Although this is a whole lot of nerfs, the item is now getting a new passive. Whenever you are above 30 percent of mana, it reduces damage taken by five percent and drains mana equal to the damage reduced. If you get a takedown, you’ll restore 30 percent of your max mana and get 10 percent of your ability power for 10 seconds. The item will no longer grant three ability haste for five seconds upon damaging champs, stacking to 15. 

Since these balancing changes are substantial, we all need time to digest the changes and see what exactly will this mean for the eternal wielders of these items like Cassiopeia and Annie.

Patch 12.21 is expected to hit the live servers on Nov. 2.