Riot invited a Mordekaiser one-trick to its HQ to test out the new large-scale update

The day was made complete with a lot of selfies, tours, and secrets.

Image via Riot Games

A Mordekaiser one-trick, who goes by the name Malicious Metal, was invited to Riot’s HQ in California to test out the upcoming large-scale champion update, according to the player’s post on the League of Legends forums today.

The one-trick shared all of the photos of the experience that he could, including selfies with designers, the Riot lunch room, and a big mural of Mordekaiser, but he didn’t share any details about the update. That’s not surprising, considering that Riot would want to keep things under wraps while they’re still being worked on, but if you were only hoping to read the player’s post to find out more details, you may be disappointed.

The visit wasn’t all about touring Riot’s campus and taking selfies with staffers, though. From the sound of it, there was actual feedback and work done on the Master of Metal. The fact that Malicious Metal’s visit is almost entirely a secret means that players and fans still have no idea what’s coming for the champion. So far, all that’s been revealed by Riot is that an update is coming.

Mordekaiser as a champion certainly needs the update, though. He’s clunky, ugly, and his kit doesn’t make a lot of sense. For example, he’s a giant, hulking, mass of metal and domination, and he… shields people? With shrapnel? The entire design is really just a mess, and the most shocking thing about his upcoming rework is simply that it took this long to happen, rather than the fact that it’s happening.

So far, we still have no idea what to expect from Morde’s update, and so we can’t really give a timeline or guess on when it will launch. We’d say at least by the end of the year, but hey, you never know.