Riot introduces 2020 Worlds Pick’em information and rewards

The hunt for perfect predictions begins.

Image via Riot Games

Worlds 2020 is right around the corner, which means that League of Legends fans will once again have the chance to earn rewards for correctly picking the outcomes of matches via Riot’s Pick’em event.

Once the groups for the Worlds main event are locked in following the conclusion of the play-in stage on Sept. 30, viewers will have the opportunity to “drag and drop their predictions in the order they think the individual groups will play out,” according to Riot’s announcement today.

For each team that correctly finishes in correspondence to your predictions, you’ll receive a set amount of points. The more points you have, the better the rewards will be that you’ll receive once the tournament concludes.

Additionally, your locked selections from the group stage don’t carry over into the knockout stage. Regardless of how many teams you correctly selected to move on to the bracket stage of the tournament, you’ll have a chance to predict the way the quarterfinals will play out. 

Viewers will receive Hextech Crafting rewards like blue and orange essence, champion shards, as well as a Hextech chest and key simply for locking their picks in on time. This lockout will reset with each stage of the tournament. So if you aren’t able to submit your picks in time for the group stage, you’ll have another opportunity to get in on the action during the knockout stage. 

For correctly predicting the outcomes of the tournament, viewers will receive in-game summoner icons based on how many points they score. If a perfect tournament is predicted from the group stage all the way through the grand finals by anyone, they’ll receive all five ultimate skins in League, as well as an Alienware Aurora gaming desktop. 

Worlds begins with the play-in stage on Sept. 25. Viewers will be allowed to make their selections for the Worlds Pick’em event on Sept. 30.