Riot hands out refunds after Shadow Isle Cup ruined by League Clash glitches

Clash was plagued with glitches over the weekend which are being addressed.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends players who took part in the Shadow Isles Cup over the weekend were met with a variety of bugs and glitches causing them to miss out on games and deserved rewards, and because of these issues, Riot will be providing refunds.

In a post to social media, Riot developer Brightmoon announced the team is currently investigating the root cause of these issues that plagued Clash over the weekend and as such will provide refunds to those who were impacted.

The issues encountered varied with some players not being able to claim their rewards, being stuck in queues, and a range of other issues impacting the gameplay experience.

While players will get refunds, there doesn’t seem to be any intention to provide participants with a chance to replay the final two days of the Shadow Isle Cup. As you’d expect, fans weren’t stoked about this airing their grievances in the replies.

Players will receive their clash ticket refunds but still missed the opportunity to score Clash orbs. One player claims to have finished first in their bracket but is yet to receive any of the rewards that they are entitled to.

This player wasn’t alone as many shared their stories of being in similar situations unable to receive their rewards.

The Shadow Isles Cup is now over and while it won’t be coming back anytime soon, players will get their chance to compete in Clash again when the Zaun Cup starts on Aug. 6. Let’s hope these issues are remedied by then.


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