Riot gives reworked Wukong some changes to his passive, damage tuning, and ultimate timing

The Monkey King's rework is slated for Patch 10.6.

Image via Riot Games

If you’re excited about Wukong’s upcoming rework, there are a few more changes you’ll need to wrap your head around before the champion update releases in League of Legends Patch 10.6.

Riot Games’ senior champion designer August Browning said the developers will be giving the Monkey King a new passive, while also adjusting his damage values and ultimate.

Wukong’s defensive passive has been shifted dramatically to encourage frequent skirmishes, while also giving junglers more tools to survive during their camp clears. In the top lane, the Monkey King will be a pain to deal with since he’ll want to constantly fight to activate his new passive ability.

Reworked Wukong used to give players 400 percent armor and regen when three or more enemies are nearby. But now, Wukong will increase his armor and regen by 100 percent for five seconds whenever he or his clone hit an enemy or large monster. This effect can stack up to five times.

“Let’s be real, the original passive I put in was lame,” Browning said. “Even without VFX or SFX, I’d like to make something a bit cooler. This one has an optimization the Wukong player can play around.”

All of Wukong’s abilities were also tuned for damage and cooldowns to shift more of his power from the late game into the early game. His late-game power was already decent because his clone mimics his spells, but Browning said that these changes might have made his damage fluctuate.

Lastly, Wukong’s ultimate timing has been changed up. The recast window has been increased from seven seconds to nine and the lockout time between ultimate casts has been increased from half a second to one full second.

Riot’s “target patch” for the Wukong rework is Patch 10.6.