Riot Games to buff Demons in Teamfight Tactics on the League PBE

They are also making some small changes to a few items.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games’ hot new autobattler, Teamfight Tactics, has people searching for the next new broken composition to run in their games. Units from the Demon origin, however, have not found a place in the meta just yet, but it looks like Riot is planning to change that with some buffs.

The Demon origin has an effect where they have a chance on hit to burn all of the target’s current mana, while also dealing true damage equal to the amount burned. That chance also increases when you have more Demons on the board—30 percent with two Demons, 50 percent with four Demons, and a whopping 70 percent chance with six Demons.

This effect could be incredible in the later stages of the game with multiple units preventing any enemy ultimates from ever activating, but there are too many other classes that have better effects. As a result, Riot has given Demon origin champions a flat buff.

Now, Demons will deal 100/200/400 percent true damage to targets they mana burn, depending on how many Demons you have on your board at a given time. This should give people plenty of incentive to build Demons, since they can do a ton of damage for your team.

Additionally, Riot made some small quality-of-life changes to some items, like Zeke’s Convergence. All items that provide adjacent unit effects will now have a clear indicator to show who is being affected at that time. Red Buff and Morellonomicon were changed, too. Both items will now apply 13 percent of a target’s maximum health as damage—physical for Red Buff and magical for Morellonomicon—over five seconds and will prevent all healing.